From adolescents to octogenarians and anyone in between, FineRhyme can captivate any audience. His venues range from special events such as weddings, benefits and retreats to concerts, schools, and festivals. His incredible freestyle skills are magnetic; you give him the words, and he’ll perform the rhyme, live and on the spot. On the flipside, FineRhyme’s written songs rock the house, rooted in a head-bobbing beat and flowing with depth, metaphor and alliteration.

At heart, he is a Raptivist with a flare for sustainability. Yet any setting comprised of a crowd reaching for something higher—whether a global cause, purpose driven product, wedding or otherwise activates his passion. He can also offer a custom-built pedal-powered sound system capable of providing sound for audiences over 600.

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Joey performed at our wedding, bringing his impromptu freestylings to our reception party. To say it brought the crowd to it's feet and added another element of magic to our day is an understatement. Taking words from the crowd, Joey one by one wove them into an intricate freestyle. Incorporating every theme under the rainbow, he wowed the crowd with his energy and artistry. Jaws dropped, people were left wondering, "who was that?", "how did he do that?". Joey is a genuine talent.


Joey's freestyle brought the house down at our wedding! He had our friends and family shouting, singing, and bumping to an original flow that was undoubtedly a highlight of the evening. Joey's lyrics about us rose up effortlessly from a place of love, humor, and heart. We felt electrified and honored that he'd shared his gift with us. I'd recommend Joey to anyone who wants to bring real flavor, fun, and originality to their special event. The man is magic.